One day trip (7 Hours)

Around 200 m. from the beach there’s rock that breaks the surface called shark point. If you are lucky here you will find Black-tip Reef sharks from 40 cm to 1.2m swimming around the reef. Swimming with sharks, the kings of the sea, is an experience you will never forget.
A stunningly beautiful bay that is sheltered by 100 meter high cliffs on three sides. Inside the bay there are several beaches, most are small and some only exist at low tide. silky soft white sand underwater colorful coral and exotic fish in exceptionally clear water the whole bay is one big reef.
On Phi Phi Leh is a cave right at sea level filled with birds’ nests. Painted on the walls you can find ancient classic paintings resembling Viking boats therefore the name of Viking Cave. The actual cave is 3.2 square kilometers long. Thousands of swallows live on the top of the 15 meter high ledges. Their swallow nests are a well-wanted in gradient for the Chinese Bird’s Nest Soup. Unfortunately the Viking Cave is closed down for visitors for the reason people were taking the swallow nest and disturbed the birds. From the longtail-boat you can looking at the cave and taking pictures.
A small inlet on the second biggest of the Phi Phi island and actually is separated from Maya Bay (The Beach) by a sheer limestone cliff face. The water inside this beautiful lagoon is of the most crystal clear azure waters you may have ever seen.
A worthy dive site in itself and all around the reefs teams with a wonderful variety of coral and marine life. the famous dive sites of the Phi Phi island
Provides a place to unwind and relax amid tropical weather, ocean breezes and the presence of monkeys. Monkey can often be seen on the beach when they come out of their hiding in the mountains.
A stunning tropical hotspot that offers the perfect getaway from the crowds as, the island is almost shaped like a heart and is entirely surrounded by a strip of white sand. Its central part is covered with lush vegetation including Casuarinas trees and the Bamboo trees that gave its name to the island. On the north-eastern side of the island, under the shade of the trees, a small bar serves drinks and snacks.
Entrance fee for the national park 400 THB/persons
Snorkel Mask
Life jacket
Lunch boxt
Soft drink
*Please be aware that our resort is not responsible and or liable for any damage during our trip or changing of weather conditions.